How 2-way Messaging Works in New Zealand

How 2-way Messaging Works in New Zealand

Option 1: SMS Texting
  1. Select your contact in the Bivy App, and send a message.
  2. The contact will receive an SMS notification on their phone.
     3. Your contact will be able to click the link and reply to messages on the webpage. 

Option 2: Bivy App-to-App Messaging **Recommended way**
  1. Before heading on your trip, share the Bivy app with your contacts and ask them to sign up.
  2. Create a new message and search for your contact. Select the contact name labeled as Bivy User.

      3. Send a message as normal. The Bivy User will receive a notification of a new message and reply using the Bivy app. 

Option 3: Email

  1.  Create a new message and search for your contact. Select the contact’s email address.

      2. Your contact receives an email from your Bivy email address:

      3. When your contact replies to the email, the message will display in the conversation thread in the Bivy app. 

      4. Anyone with your Bivy email address can send you an email when you are off grid.

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