How Do Credits Work?

How Do Credits Work?

Each credit is one action on the Bivy Stick.
If you go over your monthly credit limit, even way off-the-grid, you can still use your Bivy Stick. You will simply be charged an overage charge for each additional credit used.
1 Credit Each
1 message sent or received
1 standard weather report
1 location share
Preset Check-In Messages
Always free and unlimited with a plan subscription

Tracking Interval Credits Per Min
2 min                       1 credit per 12 min
5 min                       1 credit per 30 min
10 min                     1 credit per 1 hr [Default]
30 min                    1 credit per 3 hrs
60 min                    1 credit per 6 hrs

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    • Do I Get to Keep My Unused Credits Each Month?

      YES! Any unused credits will roll over as long as you continue the monthly plan.
    • What Happens to My Credits When I Cancel?

      If you cancel the plan, you will lose any unused credits. The phone number assigned to the device will be discontinued. When you startup the plan again, you will be assigned a new phone number and start over with monthly credits.
    • How Do the Monthly Plans Work?

      Monthly Plans When you activate a plan it will be active for 30 days and then auto-renew if you don't cancel. Any unused credits will roll over to the next month as long as you continue the monthly subscription. If you cancel your subscription, you ...
    • Can the Bivy Stick be Used as a PLB and Can the SOS Work Without a Subscription?

      PLB’s are only used for emergencies. They send out an emergency beacon message with your location and then the rescue party comes for you. They are only 1-way. You can’t communicate at all with them. They’re just for emergencies. But they also have ...
    • How Does the SOS Work?

      Global Rescue handles all SOS monitoring for Bivy Stick customers. 24/7 monitoring is included in all data plans. * Global Rescue will dispatch the appropriate Search & Rescue based on your location. * Your monthly subscription includes dispatch for ...