How to Download Maps to Use Offline

How to Download Maps to Use Offline

You can download topographic maps to use while out of cell range, but they must be downloaded/saved prior to leaving service.  

1. Open the Bivy App and tap on the "Map" tab  from the bottom menu bar.

2. Tap on the "Offline" map icon (located in the bottom right corner).

3. Now press "Download New Map".

4. Select the quality of the map with the slider beneath the window.

5. Center the area you would like to download by pinching and panning around in the available window.

6. Tap on "Download".

**There is a limit on size, so zoom in and get a specific area rather than choosing a large area**

Custom maps and downloaded Adventure maps will display in the "My Maps" list, but downloaded areas can be accessed directly from the "Map" screen of the app. The map will show those areas as if you had service.

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