How to Send a Check-in Message

How to Send a Check-in Message

Sending a check-in message is easy. Check-in messages include your GPS location and a link that shows your location on a map. Check-in's are always UNLIMITED and FREE with a paid subscription!

Using your Bivy Stick:
  1. On the device, press the Check-in (check mark) button.
  2. The status light will start to blink yellow.
  3. The status light will continue to blink yellow until the message sends.
Note: If the signal light goes off before your message sends, you can quickly press the power button to wake up the modem so that it will continue to look for a signal and send your message.
Using the App:
  1. In the app, you can press "Send Check-in" on the Stick screen.

 ** When you send a check-in message the recipient will receive two messages. One will be from your Bivy Stick number and will contain the message portion along with the GPS coordinates. They will receive a second message from a 385 number that contains the URL link where they can view your location or live track (if you have initiated tracking). Make sure that they know to only reply to the Bivy number and NOT the 385 number.

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