How to Setup a Check-in Message

How to Setup a Check-in Message

A Check-in message is a preset message you can send automatically by pressing the Check-in (check mark) button on the Bivy Stick, or by tapping the "Send Check-In" button in the app . It will contain your text and a link to a private URL page showing your location on a map.
  1. To set up your custom Check-in message, connect the Bivy Stick in the app and go to the Stick tab on the bottom menu.
  2. Choose "Check-in Setup". Here you can add up to 5 contacts (phone numbers or email addresses) and type your custom message.
  3. Choose "Save" and your check-in message is set up.
A good check-in message contains your trip plan with starting and ending points, as well as estimated time. Say something like, "Checking-in, All Good! Trip plan: Parked at the Aspen Grove trailhead. 11 Mile Mount Timpanogos hike. Starting 8am, expected back 8pm."

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