How to Track and Share Location with Friends and Family

How to Track and Share Location with Friends and Family

1. Open the Bivy App and choose “Stick” from the bottom menu then connect your Bivy Stick.
2. Tap on the “Share Location”   button.
3. Type the name of the recipients you want to share your track with and press send. This will send them a private URL where they can see your tracks, check-ins, and messages. Make sure to remind them that they will need to refresh the webpage to see updated information. Each recipient will receive their own URL.
4. When you are ready to start your track, press and hold the check mark button on the Bivy Stick for 5 seconds, or until the Status light starts blinking blue. This will put your Stick in tracking mode and begin sending location points to that URL you shared with recipients.
5. When you are done tracking, press and hold the check mark button on the Bivy Stick again for 5 seconds or until the Status light stops blinking blue. This will end your track and your recorded path will be saved in the app under the "Tracks" section of the "Profile."
The recipient will see 3 tabs on the URL link you send them if they are using a desktop computer. If they're using a phone, the tracks/map will be an additional tab.

1. Messages- the recipient can send a message to you from this tab and can also see a history of your conversation/thread.
2. Tracks- this is where the recipient will see a history of all your recorded tracks.  The "live track" will be the top track on the list if you have the stick in tracking mode.
3. Check-ins- this will show a history of check-in messages and their locations.  
**Your location will update on the URL every 10 minutes (or whatever interval you have set) creating a path shown in the "Tracks" tab, provided you have sufficient visibility to the sky at that particular time. If a point doesn't make it out then the Bivy Stick will save that point and send it out with the next point 10 minutes later. Your URL will stay the same so your friends/family can bookmark the site. It will show your tracks in “real-time” when you are actively tracking. Once you are done tracking, your tracks will show under "Tracks" and automatically upload to your profile. You can see and manage all your previous tracks in the app by pressing “Profile” from the bottom menu bar and then “Tracks."
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