Tracking Overview

Tracking Overview

There are 3 different ways to track and record your path.

1. Track using the Bivy App with no Bivy Stick- This would be used if you are in cell range and want to record your tracks for future reference and see stats, etc. This will use your phone's GPS and have the best data because the points are getting recorded often and close together.

Go to the Map screen and press the orange circle at the bottom that says “TRACK” .                                                             

2.  Track using the Bivy App but enable the Bivy Stick- This method also uses your phone's GPS data. If you have cell service, it will rely on your phone and would allow someone to see your “real-time path” on the dedicated Bivy URL page. If you leave service, it will automatically switch to using the Stick to send location points. When you return to cell service it will upload your tracks to your profile. The app can be backgrounded during tracking, but this method is NOT the best choice if you are worried about conserving your phone’s battery. You will also need to keep the Stick and phone connected via Bluetooth.

Go to the Map screen and press the orange circle at the bottom that says “TRACK” . Then a message that says “Enable Bivy Stick Tracking” will pop up. Press the button.                                                                                                                             


3. Track through the Bivy Stick only - This uses only the Bivy Stick's GPS, and your location points will show up on the dedicated Bivy URL page and create a path. When you are done tracking the path will disappear from the Bivy URL page (because the Stick is no longer transmitting the data) and then get uploaded to the “Tracks” section under your Profile in the app once you are back in cell service. The Tracking Interval can be set on the Stick page of the app.

Press and hold the Check-In (check mark) button on the Bivy Stick for 5 seconds until the "Status Light" starts blinking blue. Press and hold again to stop tracking. 

** If you want your friends, family, or followers to see your location or live tracks you’ll need to make sure you send them a message that has your dedicated URL before you start tracking.

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