What happens if a message is sent when the Bivy Stick is turned off?

What happens if a message is sent when the Bivy Stick is turned off?

  •  If someone sends you a message when your Bivy Stick is turned off, the message will sit on the servers at Iridium for 5 days. If your device is turned on within those 5 days, the message will be delivered to your Bivy Stick when it is turned on. 
  • If your Bivy Stick is turned on, but your phone is off or not connected to the stick, and someone sends you a message, the status light on the Bivy Stick will blink green. This indicates you have a message sitting on the stick, and you need to connect it to a phone to read the message. The message will stay on the stick until you connect the stick to a phone via Bluetooth.

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